Welcome to Somewhere in time Antiques! 

We specialize in memories, and our love for all things old is always proudly on display here!  We invite you to come and spend some of your time with us to share in our excitement for antiques.  There is something about Antiques, whether it be the smell or the touch, they can bring back memories of a better time.  Come inside and be our guest, relax with us and reminisce. 

We carry a wide variety of different things from various time periods and styles.  Our store is always changing.  We carry a lot of Shabby Chic and Primitive pieces as well as Traditional Victorian Antiques.  They are so rich in character and history.  All of the Antique pieces come and go pretty fast.  We have a wide variety and are willing to help you find whatever it is that your looking for.  So, If you're looking for something specific, please ask.  If not just stop by and be our guest for a little while.  Our Antique Shop is located in beautiful Downtown Dallas Georgia.  It's a lovely small and historic town.  So, come and see us soon!

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Antique Benches

and Chairs

 At Somewhere in Time Antiques,
we are always on the look out for different Antique Furniture that can make a home exciting.  Benches differ form chairs in that they take you back to a time when things were not so individualized.  They can provide a felling of welcome on a group level, welcome to all.  Churches, parks and the old school houses had Benches.  Those places can bring back memories to us all, of a more simple time.


Antique Furniture

for your Home

At Somewhere in Time Antiques our excitement about Antiques motivates us to help you find whatever it is that your are looking for.  Curios, Credenzas, Cabinets and Small Tables frequent this Antique Market all the time, but they don't stay for long.  So, come and see us, take a look around while you relax and be our guest.


Antique Dinning Tables

and Buffet Tables

Come eat with us.  Share a meal with our family in our home.  That's the spirit of invitation that used to be all over this country, and it still can be.  Antique Tables can say so much about the home that they are in.  History just like a meal has been spread out on them.  Find the one that tells the story that your family wants to share with your guests.